Richard X Heyman Announces Kickstarter Campaign for New Album

It’s 2022 and Richard X. Heyman is set to release 67,000 Miles An Album. Fans of Heyman’s work can participate in a Kickstarter campaign, where they can pre-order the CD, downloads, a t-shirt, and various other goodies including a Zoom call with Richard himself. The link to the campaign is here.

The disc is a collection of brand-new songs mixed with some from a few years back. The earlier compositions were written for The Doughboys, in which RXH played the drums and sang. He thought he’d try his own versions of these garage-rock-ish stompers, and he certainly puts his unique stamp on them. Then there are two songs that date back to the beginning of his songwriting – Plans and You Can Tell Me were written when RXH was a wee lad of seventeen! All in all, it all adds up to an adventurous time traveling trip through the pop landscape.

Speaking of landscapes, Heyman hails from Plainfield, New Jersey, a town which also gave us such luminaries as George Clinton & The Parliaments, jazz great Bill Evans and 60’s top-40 pop group The Critters. It was there that RXH helped form The Doughboys, who released a couple of singles on Bell Records. Subsequently, Heyman landed a record deal with Cypress/A&M and then Sire/Warner Brothers, who released his first two albums, Living Room!! and Hey Man! respectively. Along with his wife, Nancy, RXH has recorded an impressive dozen albums on his own label, Turn-Up Records. With this new CD (his fifteenth), Heyman once again has written, produced and performed an exuberant display of melody and lyrics that will surely please the most discerning ears.

For those of you unfamiliar with RXH’s music, it might help to list his influences: one can hear traces of early rock’n’roll, 60’s British Invasion groups, American folk rock, Motown; even some Broadway and classical baroque find their way into the mix, but it all ends up bearing his singular sound. Besides drumming with The Doughboys, he also lent his chops to Link Wray, Mark Lindsay, Brian Wilson, The Left Banke’s Michael Brown and Steve Martin Caro, and Jonathan Richman, among others. As a guitarist, he performed with Mary Weiss of the Shangri-Las, and played keyboards with Ben E. King.

The new album will be released on Turn-Up Records following the Kickstarter campaign.

“As I write this in the stillness of a summer day in New York City, I am reminded that we are all speeding through space at 67,000 miles per hour. If that wasn’t enough, we’re also spinning around at over 1,000 miles per hour. It kind of reminds me of the Tilt-a-Whirl I used to ride at the Fun House in Asbury Park. My new album deals with this frenetic issue among other topics. It’s called, no surprise, 67,000 Miles An Album. That’s the approximate distance you will travel as you listen to these songs…have a nice flight,”says Heyman.