Alien Tango New single “workinonit” Out Now

Alien Tango, a.k.a London-based Spanish musician Alberto García, has released his new single “workinonit”.

“Almost two years recording my LP. Two gdamn years rolling out of bed to re-record vocal takes for the 15th time or obsess about how much reverb the snare drum needs and how much everyone will notice. At some point, I was so far in, but so far from finishing, I thought I would linger in that endless loop of toxic perfectionism until the sun exploded, wishing I had made different decisions in life. ‘workinonit’ is a break from that. A song about making a song, talking to myself and telling me to chill the f**k out: I needed to make something without purpose, that doesn’t necessarily fit a bigger megalomaniac scheme. It won’t be part of the LP because that’d be like putting the making of a movie in the movie itself. But it’s about the LP. Catchy and disposable. Sweet and rough around the edges. An unhealthy snack because the main course is not ready. An ugly child of inattentive parents that learns to juggle. Take it at face value and don’t dare to look at it too closely.”

Alien Tango is putting the finishing touches to his debut album, with more details to be announced soon.