Saliva Releases Official Music Video For “Crows”

Multi-Platinum, Grammy nominated band Saliva have released the official music video for the single “Crows” and have announce more tour dates.

“‘Crows’ is about being in a relationship with a person so who is unwilling to recognize the shadow side of their personality, which ultimately leads to destruction of their relationships. We wanted to do something different for the music video. As a band we all love The Halloween season, and horror flicks. Given the title and dark subject matter of the song this was the perfect opportunity to incorporate some of that creepiness into a video. The imagery in the video represents the duality that resides within each of us. Like the makeup and colors in the video, we all have light and darkness within. Our darkness, or shadow sides are the repressed ideas, desires, weaknesses, insecurities, and short comings that we all have, but find hard to accept. The man in this video has struggled to come to terms with his own light and dark side and has now recognized he cannot continue to be dragged down by a partner who is unwilling to do the same. Ultimately It is only in recognizing our shadows that we can take away their power over us,” says Bobby Amaru, vocalist of the band.

Saliva Tour Dates:

8/11/2022 @ The Venue Denver, CO
8/13/2022 @ Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas, NV
8/14/2022 @ The Rock Tucson, AZ
8/16/2022 @ The Liberty Roswell, NM
8/17/2022 @ Sunshine Studios Live Colorado Springs, CO
8/18/2022 @ The Gaslight Social Casper, WY
8/19/2022 @ Brown County Fair Aberdeen, SD
8/20/2022 @ The Original Minot, ND
8/26/2022 @ Rock4Vets Music Festival Surrey Township, MI
8/27/2022 @ Diesel Concert Lounge Chesterfield, MI
8/28/2022 @ Roar By The Shore South Padre Island, TX
9/4/2022 @ Buffalo Run Casino & Resort Miami, OK
9/9/2022 @ The Blue Note Harrison, OH
9/10/2022 @ Gibson City Harvest Festival Gibson City, IL
9/11/2022 @ Blue Ridge Rock Festival Alton, VA W/ Special Guest original lead singer, Josey Scott
9/15/2022 @ Schroeder Hall Goliad, TX
9/16/2022 @ Legends Pub House & Venue Chickasha, OK
9/17/2022 @ Lazy Days Canteen & Starry Nights Amphitheater Ingram, TX Don’t Try This At Home Fest
9/18/2022 @ The Rusty Bucket BBQ and Tavern Midland, TX
9/23/2022 @ L-Treyns Bar Keokuk, IA
9/24/2022 @ Will Rock Fest Grayslake, IL
10/8/2022 @ Ride The Ozarks Motorcycle Rally Harrison, AR
10/22/2022 @ Call Family Distillers Wilkesboro, NC Uncatchable Concert Series