The Last Martyr Return With New Single “Sugar”

The Last Martyr share their new single, “Sugar” today.

The modern metal outfit return bouncing back and fourth between extreme highs and lows musically, as well as emotionally, on their chaotic new single and drops just in time for their appearance at this year’s Bigsound 2022 Festival in September.

The song takes the listener through passages of spine-tingling double kick patterns, showcasing vocalist Monica Strut’s brutal Valkyrie-like screams before rising up to a soaring and glowing chorus that will burrow deep within listener’s brains.

Spilling out truths of mental health struggles, “Sugar” lies close to home for Strut and her experiences with antidepressants and their effect on her headspace. “I wrote Sugar about my experiences being on SSRIs last year when I was struggling with anxiety and depression,” explains Strut.

“On one hand, they made life sweeter and much easier to deal with, but on the other hand, after a while I noticed that my range of emotion really narrowed. I was unable to feel super high or low and began feeling apathetic towards people and things in my life which was super confusing. I’d never heard anyone else speak about this before and with everything we’ve gone through the last two years, I really wanted to share my experiences in case it helps someone else feel less alone.”