Dopesick Drops New Track ”I’m So High I See Stars”

A band that continues to tread extremely diverse waters, Dopesick’s latest single finds the LA troupe at their heaviest yet as they bring in Skinlab frontman, Steev Esquivel, to provide added might and muscle. Dominated by a pulsating and metallic lead riff, a thrash-tinged drum section and a grinding bass chug adds even greater depth as “I’m So High I See Stars” allows Esquivel to deliver the effortlessly piercing scream vocals he has now been known for since first announcing himself with Skinlab almost three decades ago.

A rousing chorus offers some brief respite, the clean vocals performed by Dopesick’s brainchild, Adam Albright, who linked back up with Esquivel for the first time since the guitarist himself was part of Skinlab in 1998; on a song written to celebrate his sobriety. “I’ve been sober from alcohol for one year now and the song is about that,” says Albright, before continuing, “The chorus line of ‘Sober now, but I’m so high I see stars’ is kind of the yin yang of ‘I’m sober, so I’m high on life.'”