Jason Moules Shares “The Art of Pulling Pork”

“The Art of Pulling Pork” is the first single from the debut solo album by Jason Moules.

A self taught musician from the old Yorkshire mining town of Castleford, Jason has spent his life obsessed by music. Listening to music, playing music absorbing as much as he can making him into the artist he is today.

“I started writing new songs at the beginning of COVID. I could sit around all day doing nothing, but when forced not to leave the house. I realized how much I love traveling and playing music. It’s one of the most amazing things a person could possibly do with their lives,” said Moules.

He continued, “The song title ‘The Art of Pulling Pork’ came about after eating at an Italian burger restaurant on my birthday…the restaurant claimed to have crafted the art of pulled pork. Made me laugh. It’s not specific.Funny title, not specific. Most of my songs are about imagery. Close you eyes and think about what ever you want…burgers or something else.”