Samu Hietainen Drops New Single “Luminosité (Reprise)”

Returning from realms of ambient, techno and classical music, Finnish artist and composer Samu Hietainen is changing things up and exploring pop music for the first time with brand new single “Luminosité (Reprise)”. Featuring haunting vocals and lyrics with a lifetime worth of story, the track is a new rendition of his previously released, fully instrumental ‘Luminosite’, which was also turned into an orchestral version recently.

”Original version of ‘Luminosité’ was inspired by the love of cinematic atmospheres, telling a tale of two star-crossed lovers who end up finding each other again after stars nearby explode and become supernovas, creating luminosity so strong that it creates a whole new world for them where they can finally reconnect”, Hietainen reveals about the intentions behind his creation. ”This version was a natural path to take as it really inspired me to also write that story in form of lyrics, and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to sing again on a track as well, so it truly was a match made in heaven (or in space).”

And that’s not all; in addition to the original ambient-leaning record, orchestral version and this pop outing, more versions of “Luminosité” are still coming on Fridays throughout August. These include a remix with modern twist (Slowed + Reverb) and one that features just solo piano (Play The Piano). There is more to this world, after all.