The Stone Foxes Announce New LP

Today, San Francisco-based outfit The Stone Foxes have announced their forthcoming LP, On The Other Side, with the release of its lead single “Man’s Red Fire”.  On The Other Side, due out on November 18th, will be the first full-length album recorded by Shannon Koehler (lead vocals, drums, harmonica, producer) and Spence Koehler (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, pedal steel, bass, producer) in over six years. The recording features Ian McDonald (Farfisa keys), Elliott Peck and Zola (high-octave vocalists), Marcus Stephens (horns), Mario Silva (trumpet), and Danny Lubin-Laden (trombone).

Shannon was inspired by a lyric from The Jungle Book‘s “I Want To Be Like You” when writing “Man’s Red Fire”.  “Louis Prima is King Louis, and he asks Mowgli to tell him the secret to getting man’s red fire. I’ve always loved that song and that phrase, and living in California surrounded by wildfires every summer for the past four years, it was stuck in my head,” he explains. “The flames are a symbol of power and I couldn’t help but think of this raging fire of racism that’s been burning in our country since its inception. Just looking around, it’s obvious that the civil war isn’t over, so I started writing lyrics with civil war imagery in my head, and putting them together with lyrics that symbolized a quest for power.”

It’s also an album of many firsts. “It’s the first time Spence and I have been the main songwriters on every track of a release,” says Shannon. “It’s the first time I’ve sung lead vocals on every track of a release. It’s the first time I’ve ever written songs on piano that turned into actual songs on an album. It’s the first time Spence has been the main bass player on a full album.”