Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown to Release New Album ‘Shake the Roots’

Following the release of their last album on Snakefarm Records (Pressure) in 2020, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown decided it was time to return to their independent roots. This change in course was inspired both by urgency and an enduring sense of commitment to their audience. Their hope ultimately being that having a greater degree of ownership over the recording, promotion, and release of their music will strengthen the conviction of the band, while tearing down any barriers that could prevent fans from hearing their most earnest work.

The decision was made, Rattle Shake Records was born.

The first single Shakedown fans can look forward to is “Ain’t None Watered Down” which will appear on the label’s forthcoming inaugural full length, Shake Your Roots.

“When Caleb, Graham, and I started talking about what we wanted to do next, we kept kicking around the idea of getting back to our initial roots as a band. So much of that was steeped in low down blues and rock and roll. One morning I was kicking around a little song idea with my wife and ‘Ain’t None Watered Down’ was born. Everything fell into place so naturally. Once the Shakedown got hold of it, it served as a road map of sorts for the new album,” says Bryant about the new single penned by Rebecca Lovell and himself.