Calm Collapse Release First Single “Positive Greed”

Seattle’s Calm Collapse, which features Doug Lorig (Roadside Monument) and Rob Smith (Traindodge, Museum of Light), has unveiled its first single “Positive Greed” off the forthcoming album Mirrored Nature out November 25.

“I started writing that song about six or seven years ago. I had joined a doom band called Giza and I was learning a bunch of their songs because they had a record coming out and a couple of shows at about the same time. They had wanted to primarily concentrate on playing the album material, but after a couple of shows, the other new guitarist William (who’d been in These Arms Are Snakes and Harkonen) and I started bringing in some new song ideas,” says Long.

“I had an acoustic guitar in my living room. I had to tune it way down to A. I had been listening to a bunch of old Soundgarden and Melvins, so I started coming up with the basic parts, but they were way slower and slightly different. After those couple of shows, the drummer abruptly quit, so we never worked on it. When me a Rob started playing together in Calm Collapse, I tuned it up and made it more upbeat. It went through some transformation,” he adds.

“When going into the studio, it was the last song of vocals over a three day weekend of non-stop overdubs, guitar doubles and vocals for me. I was pretty fried by the time we got to this one. In fact, I was probably pretty grouchy. But I got through it and when the roughs came back, we knew this had to be the first song on the album.”