Blackbird Blackbird Share “Hey Lover” Video

Earlier this summer, Blackbird Blackbird (Montreal-based one-man band, Mikey Maramag) shared “Hey Lover”, a brand new sunny disco-pop single that blooms with flowery rhodes chords, groovy electric bass, and vocal-driven indie-pop bliss.

Today, the track’s accompanying music video — featuring animation by comic book and video game creator Paloma Dawkins arrives.

Said Maramag of his new track’s video and his collaboration with Dawkins:

“The ‘Hey Lover’ music video started off as a small collaboration between Paloma Dawkins and I on visuals, but Dawkins takes it to another galaxy entirely—a trippy one filled with animated characters to help you get over your ex. The animations in ‘Hey Lover’ seem to grow like flowers or ideas in your mind, and watching them coupled with the music is an experience that is both visually and sonically captivating. She makes it into a fully immersive, hand-drawn, and psychedelic animated adventure that compliments the song’s lyrics, energy and themes,” says Maramag.

“‘Hey Lover’ acts almost like a psychedelic brain/soul massage for the viewer, challenging people to let go & move on from the unwanted memories of their past relationship(s). Dawkins captures this carefree feeling of freedom with a silly animated character swirling across the screen. I personally break out in laughter every time this one shows up in the video. The video is also edited in a way that captures both the moments in the song and the meaning of the lyrics—for instance when I’m singing ‘I won’t hesitate to turn away, if i see you walk by,’ Dawkins animates some eyes recognizing someone then looking away in annoyance,” he continues.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Paloma’s comics, art and video games so it was a huge honor to be able to work with her on this project. I’m crossing my fingers, but maybe you’ll hear some of my music in her future video games!”