Gillian Carter Release First New Album in 4+ Years

Gillian Carter, the Orlando-based trio return with their first album in four plus years with Salvation Through Misery, a 12-song collection slated for an October 7 release via Skeletal Lightning.

The group have simultaneously released the album’s first single, “The Pain of Being Awake”, a pummeling track singer and multi-instrumentalist Logan Rivera candidly explains was a reflection of his own self-doubt: “I was having these crazy panic attacks about not having enough money, getting the record done, and feeling inadequate. I really got in my head. That’s ‘The Pain of Being Awake.’”

On the album itself, which Logan produced, he adds: “It’s the most technical we’ve gone. I made a conscious effort not to think too much. With the way life was affecting me, it made sense to play heavier, so it’s the heaviest and angriest we’ve ever been.”