Candlemass Announce New Album

Swedish godfathers of epic doom metal, Candlemass, have returned to continue their unmatched legacy. With their new album, Sweet Evil Sun, out November 18 via Napalm Records, they are ready to prove once again that they reign as one of the heaviest metal bands on earth, bringing epic doom to the world of metal.

Candlemass have released a new single and video, “Scandinavian Gods”.

“’Scandinavian Gods’ is Slayer meets Queen and Judas Priest! It’s about heritage and future and the fact that It is sometimes absolutely necessary to leave or at least doubt your old gods. It’s about the hardship in this, and the irony in the fact that you see yourself being drawn back to them over and over again, into these black circles and the forgetfulness of the past,” says Candlemass’ Leif Edling on “Scandinavian Gods”.

“Where do we wanna be? What shall we believe in? Do we need them to build a better future?”