Dangerville Productions Assembles Michigan Rockers for “Burning Love” Elvis Cover

During the pandemic, Dangerville Productions owner Ross Morgan was doing what many of us were – enjoying the ability to watch some of his favorite artists like Primus, Tool, and Coheed & Cambria deliver fun and surprising collaborations on livestreams and studio videos. It was from this inspiration that an outlandish idea would take shape. Morgan – overhearing the Elvis hit “Burning Love” on the radio as he left the studio one day, a plan to bring together some of his favorite local artists for a riotous, jocular, and hard-driving cover couldn’t be denied.

Featured on the cover is a cavalcade of artists from various Michigan local bands, including drums and vocals from Morgan (Holloway, Long After Midnight), guitarist Tony Piccoli (Imminent Sonic Destruction), acoustic guitar from Nick Hagen & bass guitar from Matt Schrauben (Entransient), Kevin Schaner (Holloway) on keys, and choir vocals from Jake VanRavenswaay.

“It has always been my dream to dress up like the King of Rock and Roll and pour beer all over myself. Nick, Matt, Tony, and Kevin made that dream a reality. Seriously though, it was one of the most fun projects I’ve ever pulled together,” says Morgan.

“I’ve never felt more alive than I did the day I wore the zebra-striped pants. This project was a blast from the start! Ross had a great idea and vision for the cover song and video, and I think it couldn’t have come together better. I was even bleeding during the making of the video because I was rocking too hard, which says a lot for me,” adds Nick Hagen.