jackLNDN Shares “Could It Be”

jackLNDN shares the focus track, “Could It Be” from his latest album, Patterns.

London-born house producer jackLNDN has released his long-awaited LP Patterns on August 12th via his imprint Jack’s House. With each new single released, the producer’s name has grown in acclaim.

“I wanted to accurately reflect my experiences over the last three years, meaning there’s a darker, more urgent energy driving this album. Emotions ranging from all out chaos, to pure joy, self-destruction, love, depression & hope. Patterns takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of what has been a crazy time for us all. I’ve evolved as an instrumentalist which has informed the way I approach writing; recording more live piano, bass, organ, guitar, percussion & vocals on this album than ever before. It’s my homage to house music, returning to the roots of why I love this sound. Plenty of 808s, 909s, pitched chords, snare-rolls & general baseline grooviness. This is without doubt the most dancefloor driven record I’ve ever made.”