Little Fuss Announce Nine-Chapter Concept Album ‘Girls At Parties’

Indie art pop duo Little Fuss has released “Girls At Parties”, the devastatingly contemplative title track from their cinematic, nine-chapter concept album Girls At Parties. The album explores and examines the perspectives and experiences of nine apprehensive characters as they navigate a social gathering. “Girls At Parties” is now streaming on platforms worldwide.

A dazzling collage of My So Called Life-era angst intersecting introspective post-grunge nostalgia and the first single from the self-produced debut full-length from Olivia Martinez and Cody Von Lehmden, “Girls At Parties” captures the dizzying intensity of the ever-changing world during young adulthood. The shadowy single is vivid and alluring, juxtaposing an adrenalin-jolting, technicolor Baz Lurhmann soundtrack-esque atmosphere with the creative versatility of Martinez as a storyteller. She introduces listeners to the album’s first character: the omnipotent narrator.

The beginning of a deeply emotional psychological journey as unnerving as it is beautiful, “Girls At Parties” is propelled by its complex intimacy. Tasked with unraveling the mystery behind the concept of Girls At Parties, the all-knowing narrator is compelling and witty. With the help of Martinez’s stirring, otherworldly vocals drift confidently through a party, unnoticed and uninvited, analyzing her experiences to the listener in an insightful and unforced way. The descriptions come naturally to her, and eventually, as she chronicles the details of pictures on the walls and the path she’s traveled to arrive at the party, it becomes evident that she’s encountered them before. She has lived through their experiences and stood where they stand, having the conversations that they are having. She has been each of the girls from the eight remaining chapters of Girls At Parties.