Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller Premiere “Piteous Cur”

Guitarist/vocalist Aaron Turner and drummer/percussionist Jon Mueller today shared “Piteous Cur”, the second single from their debut full-length, Now That You’ve Found It, out on September 16th via American Dreams Records.

“Piteous Cur” arrives with a Christopher Michael Hefner–directed music video. “When I woke up to a text from Jon asking if I could make a video in pretty short order for his new collaboration with Aaron, I saw it as a welcome challenge to just make something without getting in my own way. Naturally I said yes immediately. I thought about what I could make: 1. At home, 2: Alone and 3: Immediately. Something I admire about Jon’s work is the way in which he directs focus, both his own and that of the listener, to certain elemental realities of the work. A drum’s often supplemental or supporting identity is revoked and we’re left to fully experience its Drum-Ness. A room is never a passive venue for performance, but instead is fully engaged in every piece as a resonant body. Language, even, is stripped of implicit meaning and presented as a glossolalic and uniquely human sonic mark-making. When making a companion piece to something like that, it feels important to follow this line of thinking and ask “What is here, and furthermore, what IS it?,”says Hefner.