Cole Anyway Shares “On Hold”

Cole Anyway is the stage name Los Angeles resident Cole Emoff employs for his cinematic, convention-defying pop. As Cole Anyway, he creates an enveloping trance, drawing equally on lush old lounge records and the smooth, soft sounds of the 1970s, then breaking his chill with appealingly disorienting effects. Cole Anyway takes unexpected turns in arrangements and execution, a gift showcased on the new double A-side single “Days Off”/”On Hold” — a pair of songs equally beguiling in their melodies and vibe. Today, Emoff shares the second A-side, “On Hold”.

“Days Off” and “On Hold” evoke specific moods. With its relaxed gait and washes of analog synthesizers, “Days Off” suggests the fathomless possibilities of lazy, uncharted days, while “On Hold” captures the feeling of floating in ecstatic limbo — a place where nothing really happens and that’s totally fine. Little electronic flourishes and flair keep both songs from following a straight line, accents that reflect Cole Emoff’s regular work as an audio special effects and sound designer.

“‘On Hold’ also has double meaning for me. Gives off the feeling of relaxing smooth hold music (the kind of stuff I grew up loving on video game soundtracks, and have dove more into since moving to LA). But also the feeling of life feeling on hold as I autopilot through the days waiting for something to happen, a reminder to myself not to just stay on hold my whole life.”