Co-Founder And Former Sorrows Path Guitarist Kostas Salomidis Forms New Band Distorted Reflection

Co-founder and former Sorrows Path guitarist Kostas Salomidis forms new band Distorted Reflection.

Sorrows Path have released four power-doom albums and are considered as one of the most well known Greek metal bands. When they were ready to record their fifth album, the co-founder and guitarist Kostas Salomidis decided to leave the band for musical reasons.

Kostas formed his own band Distorted Reflection. They are totally dedicated to his unique doom vision, but even more heavy. Distorted Reflection is not a new story. Back in 1993, when Takis Drakopoulos formed Sorrows Path, Kostas suggested to him two band names: “Sorrow’s Path” and “Distorted Reflection”. Takis selected “Sorrows Path”, so “Distorted Reflection” is Kostas’ musical path. He will also have vocal duties for the very first time and Distorted Reflection will announce some great musicians very soon.

Tomas Arfert (Candlemass, Krux) created the logo and he will also take care of all the artwork for the first album of the band. This will be titled Doom Rules Eternally and will be released next year. The recording of the album will take place at Fragile Studio with producer Vangelis Yalamas and will start late September.