Andrew Pitrone Shares “I Talk To The Wind”

Andrew Pitrone’s brand new four-song EP, Aurora Montage, is out now on Lolipop Records, and to celebrate the release, he shared a music video for the EP’s final single, “I Talk To The Wind”.

“When your words seem to fall on closed ears and nothing you say seems to be heard, your words must be swept up to the wind. ‘I Talk To The Wind’ was written in an instance like that. Whatever the circumstances are, we have all had the feeling of being unheard when outspoken. Sometimes the rain is needed to clear the air and refresh the vision. Theres a great story behind the recording of ‘I Talk To The Wind’,”Pitrone says of the track.

“A gathering of lights in the form of light hearted songs; From ‘Life Is But A Dream’ to the journey of ‘The River Daughter’, this batch of songs is a child to the world left on the doorstep. Make of it what you will,” he says of the new EP.