Rebecca Pidgeon Shares Video For Her Single “Svayambhu”

Rebecca Pidgeon today shares “Svayambhu”, the second video from the upcoming tenth full-length album, Parts of Speech Pieces of Sound.

On the new album, she taps into the ongoing communication between body, mind and spirit through vibrations and energy. Recorded in Los Angeles with co-producer Fernando Perdomo, the ten tracks here illuminate the connection between her art and her explorations of the sacred science behind yoga practice. Parts of Speech Pieces of Sound is being released on CD, digital download and via streaming platforms on Toy Canteen Records.

The themes stem from Pidgeon’s devotion to yoga. She had been a lifelong practitioner, but the COVID lockdown afforded Rebecca the opportunity to immerse herself still more deeply. Rebecca started listening to the online teachings of world-renowned yogic scholar Sri Prashant Iyengar, additionally participating in remote classes originating in Mumbai. “These teachings led me into all sorts of realms of exploration I’ve never been in before in yoga,” she reflects. Parts of Speech Pieces of Sound emerged from these investigations.

In a dream, she found herself singing a haunting melody line to a drumbeat played by a shadowy figure. Upon waking, Pidgeon recognized the connection between the music and her studies at the time, composing album opener “Now Begins” with the first three sutras of Patanjali at its core. On the track, delicate acoustic guitar brushes up against her heavenly vocals enveloped with organic production flourishes, giving way to an absorbing mantric chant.

“The idea to conjure up a bunch of songs based around chakra theory came to me afterwards,” recalls Rebecca. “Chakras are energy centers in the body, but they’re also tied in with the five Elements and have their own deities. I ultimately connected many of the songs to these centers.”