Laure Briard Releases “My Love Is Right”

When we last left Laure Briard three years ago, asking for “a little more love please” (un peu plus d’amour s’il vous plaît), her heart and voice were lost in a sea of voices and psychedelic effects. We’re not sure to whom the lament was made, but one thing is certain: it was heard. “My Love Is Right”, she affirms today in this first track from her new album Ne pas trop rester bleue (to be released next February). This simple sentence is, as often with Laure, as much a declaration of intent as a gesture of reassurance – both tender and fragile – offered to those who have been following her for a while.

‘My Love Is Right’ is about keeping faith and trust in love, she explains, finding the courage to not blame yourself when a relationship with the wrong person isn’t working out. It’s about finding the strength to calmly reassess the situation and say to yourself: no, it is not your fault!” The music perfectly illustrates this necessity for confidence and lucidity: a slanting, worried verse, as if played on a slope (we can hear the influence of Aldous Harding and Cate Le Bon) answers the main chorus, soulful and devilishly Carole King, consisting of four simple words – “my love is right!” – like a mantra for life.