Beau Nair Releases His Third Album ‘Nairly Thair’

After years on the road crisscrossing the United States playing Honky Tonks, saloons, pool halls, and trailer parks alike, prolific outlaw country singer-songwriter Beau Nair recently released his debut album Truth Or Nair on July 1st followed by his sophomore album Beaudacious on August 5th and now Beau is following up with his third album Nairly Thair, in his installment of monthly album releases. This new album follows the success of his music videos for singles “I’m So Hard” and “Funk You” off his debut album. The later of the two videos was directed by legendary director Kii Arens who has worked with artists like, Elton John, Ringo Star, Paul McCartney and more! Now Beau is ready to release more new music to his adoring fans with his latest release Nairly Thair. This is the third album release from Beau in the last couple months with plans to release an album a month well into the new year. It’s important to note that unlike many modern artists who create their music with a full team of musicians, engineers and producers etc., Beau Nair is a one man operation, not only singing and playing all the instruments himself but also recording, and mixing all of his own music in house. Given this unique skillset some have come to calling Beau the Prince and/or Frank Zappa of Country given his hands on approach to creating his music.

When asked about his latest album Nairly Thair, Beau said, “It’s always a trip unleashing my next batch of salacious songs on the general public. My third album Nairly Thair is chock full of the intellectual smut and life-lived wisdom that I infuse my lyrics with, while my funky grooves stay in the deep lane on Booty Highway. I’m also opening up some of the more tender parts of my songwriting soul, mining the heartbreaks and hard-ons of my unbelievable life. From the heartfelt anguish of ‘How Come You Done Me Wrong?” to the deeply confessional “Must Have Been the Drugs” you’ll get a deep glimpse inside the mind and heart of Beau Nair. Sure, I’m a ‘Sentimental Fool’ but once you ‘Grab the Lube’ I’ll be ready to meet you at the ‘Massage Garage’!”