SEKI Shares “Play It Cool”

The inspiration for SEKI’s new song, “Play It Cool” came from an awkward encounter with an attractive girl sitting on a park bench in Bangkok.

“I decided to try to talk to her. However, it turned out that she couldn’t speak Thai at all – I’d assumed she was Thai like me – and at the time my English was terrible,” he said.

“After stumbling through some really painful exchanges in English, I awkwardly said sorry to her and started walking away, completely embarrassed. My whole face turned red,” he continues.

Writing “Playing It Cool” brought SEKI that feeling of secondhand embarrassment. It’s a track that shows the progression of his lyric writing, along with more confident singing than on his past releases.

“Ultimately, ‘Play It Cool’ has taught me to let go of trying to do everything perfectly. It’s those little imperfections which actually make the music feel more relatable.”