Spain Share “I Lied”

LA-based 90s slowcore pioneers Spain – led by musician Josh Haden, son of jazz bass legend Charlie Haden – is kickstarting their long-awaited return with the release of a brand new LP of recently unearthed tracks, re-mixed and re-imagined by storied producer/musician Kramer in 2021 at his Noise Miami Studio for his label, Shimmy-Disc.

World Of Blue (out September 30 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise) is the first ever vinyl release of five previously unreleased tracks, including “I Lied” and “Her Used – To – Been”, taken from a historic 1994 16-track recording session (led by producer Tom Grimley at Poop Alley Studios in LA) that predates the band’s 1995 landmark album, The Blue Moods Of Spain.

Today finds the release of the LP’s second single, “I Lied”, alongside an accompanying music video.

“I first learned about the Blues as a style and art form when I was a teenager, raiding my father’s record collection. One of the things I noticed that elevated the Blues over other musical forms, such as punk rock, was the ability to subtly manipulate the apparent message of a song for deeper effect, for example, making a sad song happy, or vice versa. ‘I Lied’ is an attempt at this concept. It starts out as a love song but ends much differently. I love Kramer’s new production, repeating the vocal line at the end, something I’d wish I’d thought of doing back then,” says Haden about the new track.