Craneium Launch Single & Music Video For ”Victim of Delusion”

Today Craneium shares the stand alone single, “Victim of Delusion”.

The single is the first release from the Finnish four piece since their third studio album Unknown Heights from 2021 and is released together with a music video on The Sign Records.

“Our new single “Victim of Delusion” is a straightforward rocker in true retro style. It’s fuzzy and it’s bluesy. Dare we even say it’s a bit proto metalesque? Lyrically the song talks about how nothing good comes out of trying to control people. Instead, it’s easy to end up a delusional lonely person,” says drummer Joel Kronqvist.

“To accompany the song, we wanted to make a video that tips the hat to retro psychedelic filmmaking. We teamed up with music video maker Joni Tuominen who had an idea on a video with acid fried aesthetics. It turned out great and we had a blast doing it.”