Start Your Own Cult Release New Single “The Marionette”

Sydney alt-rockers Start Your Own Cult just released their  new single “The Marionette”. With lyrical themes of manipulation and corruption, “The Marionette” unveils a darker, more sinister edge honing in on the trio’s outstanding songwriting chops. Featuring emotive vocal hooks, vibrant synth arrangements and a dynamic rhythm section, the immersive track draws the listener in from the opening note to the closer. Vocalist Sarah Bernardo delivers dynamic vulnerabilities by contrasting heat laden belts with softer passes complete with rich harmonies.

“Over the events of yet another lockdown Josh, our guitarist had an idea to have a song focused on the idea of someone having control over us; thus the idea of ‘The Marionette’ was born.It was written in what felt like a darker time of my existence and even more so by many people who surrounded me. I was witnessing so many friends and family become consumed by the media headlines. Which was heavily influencing their opinions and outlook on their lives. It really shocked me how click bait content fuelled everyone’s opinions and as I watched the people I cared about most, turn against each other,” says Bernardo about the new release.”

“It took me a while to really evaluate how invested I wanted to be in what I was reading online, in a world where misleading information was so easily accessible. I just wasn’t coping well with it and naturally as a songwriter, I needed to release some of my thoughts and feelings. I learned a lot more about myself when I chose to separate how Invested I was in other people’s views, rather focusing on what was immediately affecting me vs worrying about how other people react to what is put out into the world. “