Dear Boy’s Debut Album ‘Forever Sometimes’ Out Today

Dear Boy are excited for today’s release of Forever Sometimes, out now via Last Gang. Across the anticipated album’s 13 tracks, the band grapples with life after death, love after life, life after love, the paradox of closeness, the complexity of what it means to leave something or someone behind, when do you say goodbye? These are some of the ideas that Dear Boy has been exploring since their first days as a band…And in that way, Forever Sometimes is as close to a concept album as a non-concept album gets.

The release showcases the band’s bittersweet songs inspired by late ’70s / early ’80s post-punk and early ’90s britpop, seen through their unique modern lens. Produced by the band and mixed by Tony Hoffer (Air, Phoenix, M83), the record also features contributions from Day Wave, Hazel English, Rogue Wave, AFI & Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit. Along with the album’s release, Dear Boy is also sharing a new video for “Swan Dives”, which was was made by the band’s Ben Grey and Paisley Grey. On the song Ben Grey says, “‘Swan Dives’ is a song about falling in love, falling out of love and how these moments in life seem to never be in sync. Sometimes the most courageous and loving thing a person can do is to accept what is.”

“A lot of this record is about our shared time on Earth and the idea that for so many of us, love is truly the hereafter we’re looking for,” says Grey. He adds, “The night sky isn’t any one person’s territory. There are answers up there for everybody.”

“Since we were producing it ourselves, we wanted to infuse as much of our shared personal history into the details as we could,” Grey adds. “The underground train you hear before ‘Swan Dives’ is the Northern Line, which we would ride every day when we first started Dear Boy in London. The acoustic at the end of ‘Heaven Moves’ is from the very first demo recorded in Keith’s bedroom. ‘Unbecoming’ features a quote from the 40’s that goes; ‘The people of the state of California expect us to do our best…’ Something my Dad would say to me all of the time when I was a kid… There isn’t a moment on this album that doesn’t feature something important, unique or special to us. It’s the most personal record any of us could have imagined making.”