Les Enfants de DAGON Tell Lovecraftian Stories On ‘De Profundis’

The album De Profundis, from French metal group Les Enfants de DAGON, tells an original story inspired by an H.P. Lovecraft novel around the sea deity Dagon. It takes place in the 1920’s and the main character is Pierre Duval, a catholic priest born from his French mother and his American father. Feeling as though he doesn’t fit in France, he decide to exile in the USA with the help of the Catholic Church.

As the songs progress, we learn more about the characters of the story and religious behaviours of Innsmouth folk. Les Enfants de DAGON wrote a distressing style of dark music with a dense multi-layered black orchestration. The bands musical inspiration is a mix between death, black and doom metal.

Special guest on the track Beyond is Jeanne Soler (Cello) of the Lyon National Orchestral.