Christian Leave Shares “Why Not?”

Christian Akridge, best known as Christian Leave, is the definition of a multi-threat — musically talented with an acclaimed bedroom pop career in tow, and skilled with the gift of comedic timing, Christian is a force to be reckoned with, and a force that audiences can’t help but flock toward.

After achieving niche Internet fame with a massive following on the now-extinct social media platform Vine, Leave transitioned his focus to music and partnered with Warner Records in 2020. Since then, Christian has been on a steady trajectory upwards, having released a handful of EPs and stand-alone singles, with shout-outs by massive publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Office Magazine, Alternative Press, and many more.

Now, Christian has a new release on the horizon, and today, he shares a new single entitled “Why Not?”, alongside an accompanying a music video.

“‘Why Not?’ to me is really just a song about finding yourself sunken into complacency, identifying it, and not having the motivation to change it. Even if its detrimental to your well-being. Whether that’s in a relationship or just general habits you’ve developed with in your life. It’s a kind of kick at anyone who has found themselves there to say ‘Hey, you’re not alone! We’ll work on this together!'”