Jei-Rynn Releases New Single “oxytoxin”

Los Angeles-based alternative pop artist Jei-Rynn will release his debut EP, overreacting on October 21.  Today Jei-Rynn is pleased to share his latest single “oxytoxin”.

In his single “oxytoxin”, Jei-Rynn writes of the detrimental influence of inner conflict on interpersonal relationships. But it’s also a love letter to love itself, against all odds, with proclamations of devotion and a search for empathy in the face of adversity. The song is an alt pop track with a modern emo-rock edge and singalong hooks. Though “oxytoxin” is lyrically a one-on-one conversation of sorts, Jei-Rynn also sees something in the song’s essence that is generalizable and concerning of his broader messages as an artist. He says, “I wish this could be an anthem for people who feel like they’ve been damaged and othered, like myself. If we all stand together, people of different minorities, whatever it may be; racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, neurotypes, whatever – then we’re no longer a minority.”