Rare Hearts Release “Tough Guy”

Alt-Rock act Rare Hearts (aka Mexican-American singer-songwriter Joe Rojas) releases guitar-blazing track “Tough Guy” and new Fight Club esque’ music video.

“‘Tough Guy’ was such a fun song to write, perform, and come up with a music video for. There was such a flow to the creation of the video and even the song when first written. For me, this song embodies two stories. One in where there’s the “tough guy” stereotype “machismo” aspect to it which can be found in lyrics such as “ya you know you’ve never seen me, if you think you really saw me down cause I’ll just break away” while also highlighting the blind drive someone in that life roll may have, ‘have no mercy, it all makes me.’,” says Rojas.

“All in all, I wanted to write and expose this machismo mentality more and point out that it’s a brutal way to live. thus why in the music video I’m the one getting beat to hell. The “tough guy” always has that chip on their shoulder. Always pretending to be fine. When in reality they need community and vulnerability to break the cycle. If we’re not getting to deep into the lyrics or the meaning of the song it’s a fun and exciting song to play and vibe to! It’s a song with lots of energy and going into my Spotify workout playlist for sure!”