The Guitar & Whiskey Club To Release Debut EP

After building a strong and loyal local Southern California following throughout the past half decade, Los Angeles’ hard rock quintet The Guitar & Whiskey Clubhave decided it was time to take their craft to the rest of the country … and world.

November 11th sees the band release their self-titled debut EP through their own GWC Productions label (distributed via The Orchard / Sony Music), soaked in biting blues rock riffs and soaring lead vocals, complimented by memorable, massive hooks. The band has come a long way in a relatively short time, beginning life as strictly a covers outfit. “Being an all original band has always been a challenge – and today more than ever. With the new lineup I felt the time was right to take that challenge head on” reflects lead guitarist and band founder Jeffrey Donovan.

Tracking of the EP – and the decision to become a full-fledged original band – began during the 2019 – 2020 pandemic, recording at various Los Angeles area studios. “The pandemic was hell,” Donovan says. “Gigs were cancelled, studios closed, everyone was locked in their houses. Some of the members suffered from what I call ‘pandecitis’, a lack of inspiration and the will to continue.” Jeffrey’s inner band house cleaning proved to be an inspiration and a fuel to his fire as material came swiftly and the new band members kicked into high gear. In an odd way the pandemic worked out pretty well for Donovan and new band mates, lead vocals Mark Prudeaux, bassist Frankie Yanno and session drummer Adam Ponce. According to the axe slinger, “working remotely turned out to be a blessing in disguise and we became pros at it fairly quickly. It felt great to be recording!”