Wesley Shares “Twins in the Wind”

Louisville, KY singer-songwriter Wesley (the alias of Jacob Weaver) recently announced a brand new LP entitled Glows in the Dark (due November 11 via Earth Libraries).

Today, Weaver shares its second single, “Twins in the Wind”, alongside an accompanying video. He wrote the song as a way of exploring the dual identities of childhood and adulthood, the wobbly synth flooding into the immaculately arranged acoustic tune like the misty demarcation between the two halves of life. “Over hills and out to the sea/ Would you walk there with me?/ Don’t you know that we’ll forever be/ Just twins in the wind?” Weaver wonders to himself, as Nick Roeder’s drums push the musical river apace.

“I often think of my childhood self as my best self, which I’m not sure is healthy, but I really did love being a kid. I love being an adult, but it’s different now. The song is about reconciling the two. That maybe you’re both, or neither, and that’s ok.”