Dazy Announces Debut LP ‘Outofbody’

Dazy—the moniker of Richmond, VA-based musician James Goodson—today announced his debut album Outofbody will be released on October 28th, via Lame-O Records, with a cassette version available via Convulse Records.

Composed of 12 songs that clock in at just over 25 minutes, Outofbody both encapsulates and expands on everything Goodson set out to accomplish when he began releasing music as Dazy: big room, widescreen hooks with homemade, bedroom production. The guitar fuzz is still thick, the harmonies are still rich, and the drum machines still thump across the album, while newer elements like 12-string acoustic guitar and mellotron are introduced in its quieter, introspective moments. Created in Goodson’s spare room using a couple of small amps and Garageband, Outofbody incorporates his love of punk, college rock, Britpop, and jangle pop, answering the question of what if a Ramones album was a collaboration with Kevin Shields. Throughout, Goodson reflects on life’s constant shifts, uncertainties, and the seemingly never-ending feeling of being pulled in different directions.

Goodson, after years of playing in bands and constantly writing songs, started Dazy in 2020 as an outlet to push himself out of his comfort zones and to put out music at a speedier clip. He released four two-song singles that year, followed by two EPs, Revolving Door and The Crowded Mind, in 2021. All of that material was then assembled alongside five new tracks on MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD: The First 24 Songs (Convulse Records).