Kalila Badali Shares New Single “No Eye Contact”

Kalila Badali, lead vocalist and songwriter of the indie band, Shy By Shyshaers new new singe today “No Eye Contact”.  “No Eye Contact” is a song about online dating, but more specifically about how easy it is to get caught up in text-based relationships and think they mean more than they sometimes do.

“I wrote this song after a month of an intense internet ‘pen-pal’ style connection that didn’t end up materializing in person. I thought there was real potential, but without being able to see this person and without knowing anything about them, I projected what I wanted to see onto them. As a therapist, I hear versions of this kind of story over and over again – it’s really such a universal experience, at least in this age of online dating.”

“While this song is about online dating, something I keep returning to about the title is how significant eye contact is as a subject for myself and many other neurodivergent people. Whether it’s giving too much or not enough, people often make commentary about what eye contact communicates,” says Badali.

“In this song, I was trying to reconcile with my own panicked response to having no eye contact while being present in person, but also how much more projection and fantasy could take place when there was no eye contact at all during online interactions.”