Roxana Line Releases New Track/Video, “Marry Me”

Roxana Line who often refers to her self-produced solo project as “one-girl band” has revealed the third chapter of her upcoming concept album, 60% WonderWorlds, 40% Tragedies titled “Marry Me.” Her latest track delivers you on the doorstep of a 19th century wedding, where our protagonist, a sorrowful bride, longs for escape from an arranged matrimony. As fate would have it, a wayward circus trope creeps into town to offer her a place on their “never-ending tour.” If you’re imagining something between My Chemical Romance’s “Helena” and Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” you’d be spot on.

Roxana shared, “‘Marry Me’ is about coming of age while being trapped in circumstances outside your control. It’s about fighting for being accepted for who you truly are. It’s also about losing a part of yourself while going through various psychological traumas – this is why most of my characters are undead – they fight for themselves but there can’t be a truly happy ending when they lose a huge part of themselves in the process.”