Eliza Edens Shares “Tom And Jerry”

Eliza Edens shaers another single from her sophomore LP We’ll Become the Flowers today.  “Tom and Jerry” is a folk pop tune that adds some levity to a breakup by drawing a parallel to Sunday morning cartoons, but also pulling out a serious undercurrent to those stories of endless chasing of an unattainable goal.

“I watched hours and hours of Tom and Jerry on Saturday mornings when I was a kid. The story is the same every time and yet it’s always so satisfying. Somehow it resurfaced in my mind as a way of explaining how hard we try to accomplish things that are forever out of reach—such as fighting for a dying relationship—even though Tom will just never catch Jerry! It’s an apt metaphor for the tension of always wanting or yearning for something and for two characters always going after each other. I wrote this song to try and find some levity during a difficult breakup.”