Megan Slankard Shares “Magical Thinking” Video

San Francisco indie rock singer/guitarist Megan Slankard dances with her muses in the “Magical Thinking” video premiering today.

“When I wrote this song, I was in the middle of a relationship where I felt I was disappearing, fearful and unable to express my feelings,” recalls Megan. “Some days the only way I could write songs was to imagine myself as someone else. In my songs I could transform myself into a powerful, commanding, and confident character that was larger than life. She was like my own personal superhero who helped me get through difficult times.”

In the video, director Dan Foldes, choreographer Cassidy Isaacson create a dream-like scenario where Megan’s muses pull her into their world. “Dancing around me, they remind me that they are all a part of who I am,” explains Megan.