vi0let shares New Single “Cream and Peaches”

Brighton-based singer-songwriter vi0let unveils her debut EP Believe Me When I Cry alongside her beautiful new single “Cream & Peaches” today.

Standout vocals and floating production depict those euphoric early moments of falling for someone. The soulful focus track comes as a dreamy moment on the EP, offering up a sweet 3.44 mins of escapism. Explaining more vi0let shares:”I was in the honeymoon stage with someone and one morning we woke up and it was a sunny day in Brighton. I had to go to the studio that morning so I left early, grabbed a coffee on the way and felt like I was on cloud 9. I never wanted this feeling to end, feeling so safe and comfortable.”

“I got in the studio and wrote’ Cream and Peaches’ in about 15 minutes, it just flowed out. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made especially because vocally I really put myself out of my ‘safe zone’ and it motivated me to continue to push myself with what I’m capable of doing. ‘Cream and Peaches’ is a flirty and fun love letter to the honeymoon stage.”