53 Thieves Reveal New Album, ‘Latitudes’

Transatlantic quartet 53 Thieves today release their new album, Latitudes. A body of work led by focus track “Fault Lines” featuring rising hip hop artist PELL, Latitudes showcases four unique artists with four unique sounds coming together to create a wonderful project.

A band formed during the pandemic who used to collaborate via the internet before finally meeting as the world began to open up, 53 Thieves have racked up over 100 million streams on their brand of intricately crafted, genre fluid sound.

Latitudes is an expression of distance, written by the four of us, who live in four separate locations. We want to emphasize how this distance felt from our individual and collective experiences, how it felt through the uncertainty of lockdown, and to showcase what we have learned together,” says the band about their new album.

“Our hope is that this album reaches out and speaks to those who have lost connection with themselves or with others, with their past or future, to anyone who feels that there is an unwanted space between them and something they cared about, be it an old love or lost opportunity,” they continue.

“Every song features the theme of distance to some extent, be it emotional or physical, heartfelt or apathetic, we designed the intensity curve of the album to be connected through this theme, like an unbroken line of latitude connecting each track from into to islands,” they add.

“We view Latitudes as the culmination of our triumph over the challenges of distance; although we are separated by a vast ocean, we now understand that physical distance is nothing compared to the journey we have taken together.”