Aarktica Releases ‘We Will Find The Light’ Today

The Los Angeles, by way New York, artist Aarktica has released his tenth album We Will Find The Light out today via Darla Records. Aarktica is the brainchild of Jon DeRosa, who has been releasing a diverse catalog of music under this name since 1999. We Will Find the Light is Aarktica’s most ambitious and sublime album to date and marks his first collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Lewis Pesacov. The album is available on all streaming services, as a CD digipack, and as a limited edition double vinyl gatefold.  This is the first physical release from Aarktica since 2009’s In Sea and the first full-length since 2019’s Mareación.

Beginning with the ambient guitar opus No Solace in Sleep (Silber), the classically trained DeRosa has spent the last two decades charting his way across cosmic terrains and ambient soundscapes through patient songwriting and a curiosity in experimentation. It’s a journey that began with DeRosa recording guitar experiments on a four-track cassette recorder in his college dorm after going permanently deaf in his right ear. “I was having aural hallucinations,” says DeRosa. “Everything I knew as sonically ‘normal’ suddenly changed. When I started Aarktica, it was a bit like a sonic journal, trying to recreate and reinterpret sounds as I was hearing them.” These recordings, which would become No Solace in Sleep, translated those classical musical forms he’d studied for years to electric guitar, stretched them into infinity, soaked them in reverb and delay, and created an entirely new sound identity that would evolve over the years.

Leading into the writing of We Will Find the Light, DeRosa hadn’t felt inspired to write music for several years. “I had been telling myself, ‘I have nothing to say,’” he says, “but after a certain amount of time, and trying everything I knew to break through, it began to feel like perhaps I was just done, nothing left in the tank.” To get to answers on whether his drive for making music was really in his heart, or because he was trying to chase some made-up idea of success, DeRosa who is a Somatic healer held a private ceremony for himself on New Year’s Eve and sat alone with the feelings of emotional and spiritual blockage. What began to bubble up was uncomfortable and unpleasant. Through this process DeRosa had a realization that with all the music he made in the past none of it was truly personal. He had always created characters and personas and had only written about personal experience from an arm’s length. To move forward, he was going to have to approach writing from a truly authentic place. “Eventually I picked up a guitar and started playing” says DeRosa, “and that marked the beginning of how this album came to be. Something truly shifted. All the songs with the exception of the covers were written in a matter of a few months after this.”

The album, which is essentially about healing, beautifully traverses through the canyons between ambient and folk genres. With gentle acoustic plucking, haunting string arrangements, and subtle, comforting electronic atmospheres, the eleven songs that make up We Will Find the Light, showcase Aarktica’s prowess in bridging all sides of his sonic spectrum, moving seamlessly through both melancholia and optimism, setting the scene for nuanced emotions to pollinate.

“The album is about this idea that once we acknowledge certain wounds, weaknesses or unpleasant feelings, and instead of ignoring them,” say Derosa “we dive headfirst into the darkness and face everything that is terrifying, there’s at least the possibility (and more so, the likelihood) that we will come out on the other end feeling stronger and more empowered.”