High Vis Release New Album ‘Blending’ Today

Today, London’s High Vis release their highly anticipated second album, Blending, on Dais Records. The album has come preceded by a series of singles – “Trauma Bonds”, the album’s title track, “Fever Dream” and “Talk For Hours”, which features guest vocals from Charlie Manning-Walker – aka Chubby Charles – of Chubby and the Gang and Jonah Falco of F*cked Up.

In recent years, High Vis have exploded onto the DIY scene, earning a devoted following for their intense live shows and immediate lyrics that tackle themes from class politics to the challenges of everyday life. While their passion of hardcore stokes their fire, its post-punk’s textures and moods that line their sonic adventurousness, which suggests the members of High Vis are never going to be confined by any notion of what they should or shouldn’t be playing.

High Vis’s signature sound of aggressive, artul punk is as tough as any hardcore record, yet sonically opens beyond the parameters of any genre or scene. As the title of their highly anticipated new album suggests, Blending is about bringing all these new strands and elements into what the band are about at their core to forge something entirely new. Alongside longstanding favorites such as Fugazi and Echo and The Bunnymen; Ride and even Flock Of Seagulls were shared reference points as the band worked on the album together.

Blending has a more specific meaning that links to Sayle’s lyrics too, he explains, “The message of the album is you’re not who you’re told you are.You’re not your class background. Whatever it is, you’re not that. Don’t resign yourself to thinking you can’t be this and you can’t be that.”

Oct 04 | London, UK – Album release show @ secret location TBA
Oct 14 | Manchester – Wrong Side Fest
Nov 10 | London – Underworld w/ The Chisel, Ironed Out, Nekra