Kelly Lang Releases New Music Video For “Life Sentence”

Nationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, author, producer, and survivor, Kelly Lang has released her latest single “Life Sentence” along with a new music video. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, Lang wanted to pay tribute to those who fought the true fight of their lives and are thriving today. She enlisted the help of her friends and followers on social media to send in photos of themselves holding signs that offer hope to others who are currently battling cancer. As a result of the life-altering diagnosis that she received seventeen years ago, Lang has a different outlook than most and encourages all to live each day to its fullest and enjoy everything life has to offer. Lang has dedicated “Life Sentence” to her dear friend, the late Dame Olivia Newton-John, and it is available on all digital platforms today.

“I wrote the song ‘Life Sentence” with my friend the late Bruce Burch,” shares Lang. “He had heard me say that a cancer diagnosis could sometimes feel like a death sentence, but I decided to change the way I looked at it. I began looking at it as my “Life Sentence.” By that I mean, I am more appreciative of everything in my life. I try to encourage others to use the good china, take those vacations, burn your candles and do the things that make you happy. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so live life to the fullest and more boldly while you can.”