Mona Mur Releases ‘Snake Island’ LP

Marching in merciless beats and iron guitar riffs’ tempests, after a life of musical vagabondage, Mona Mur has come back to her Industrial roots, harder and more sinister than ever before – to Snake Island. Explaining the origin of the album title, Mona comments: “I came across a story about a small island off the Brazilian shores, where twenty thousand snakes’ dwell, deadly poisonous vipers. They sleep nine months, then awake – only when a certain species of birds of passage stop by to breed their children. so, the snakes can eat them and survive. the snakes are everywhere. They’ve killed three lighthouse keepers so that the lighthouse is abandoned now”.

If this story is not true, you would have to invent it. The idea of the record was brought up out of the story. And, as Mona explains: “So that I found myself living on that island, maybe even as one of the snakes”. Being carried away by the total freedom of the imaginative inhabitant island, Mona Mur has experienced a great freedom on Snake Island. A perfect setting to unite 10 melancholy doomy, romantic apocalyptic songs ( including two cover versions ). Snake Island celebrates the autodafé of the late capitalism, the sound dimension defined by harsh guitars, exquisite electronic mazes and heartbreakingly beautiful melodies.

With the help of an old friend and a collaborator, Ralf Goldkind, Mona Mur managed to create an expressive record full of mysticism. “Goldkind is an eccentric shaman. My brother in doom!” – underlines Mona: “He’s been constantly coming up with the most energetic and original stuff, be it electronic or guitar or bass based.” The collaborators exchanged tracks, making their way to what Mona describes as: “The doomiest heaviest dark flowery romantic dystopic music channeled into the world”, something that only Mona Mur would compare to a huge painting consisting of sadness, bitter and pain and “having to witness the beautiful blue planet die” stresses Mona.