No Kings Release New Track/Video, “6 Years, A Lifetime”

Born from the ashes of Internet Noise and The Crown Remnant, Southern California’s No Kings has revealed their latest video/single “6 Years, A Lifetime”. This is the group’s third track to be revealed from their forthcoming EP aptly named, The Remedy, which acts as a monument to their message and sound. The track boasts a heavy, thudding metalcore backbone led by a straight-to-the-point guitar lead. Woven between the pair lies the emotional vocal delivery of Geordy Shallan, showcasing a tale of romance fading.

“‘6 Years, A Lifetime’tells the story of a cyclical budding relationship repeatedly taking a turn for the romantic, only to end in tragedy when one partner decides to disappear unexpectedly, without explanation, leading to heartbreak and anguish for what could have been, only to continuously repeat until a conscious decision is made to break the cycle.”