Sicard Hollow Announces Sophomore Album ‘Brightest Of Days’

On the heels of a string of tour dates across the US, the four-piece, Nashville-based progressive bluegrass band Sicard Hollow has announced their new, full-length album ‘Brightest Of Days, out November 11th. Merging pop-punk melodies, psychedelic instrumental breaks, and existential songwriting — performed by a bluegrass quartet dressed in tattoos and tie-dyes — the band’s sophomore full-length brings new energy to a timeless style, with a combination of fearless improvisation and instrumental prowess. To celebrate the announcement, Sicard Hollow has released the album’s first single “Face The Wreckage” alongside exclusive footage from the recording of Brightest Of Days.

“‘Face The Wreckage’ is about finding direction in your life to avoid the destruction left in your own wake,” comments singer and guitarist Alex King. “We each have the opportunity to live every day with purpose and intention, and when we do, I think direction naturally follows.”