Yeah Yeah Yeahs Release First New Album in Nine Years ‘Cool It Down’

The highly anticipated long awaited new album from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs is finally here. Nine years after the release of their last album, the band has returned with their fifth studio effort, Cool It Down, out now via Secretly Canadian.

“Music has been a lifeline for me and Nick (Zinner) and Brian (Chase) over the last 21 years, as it is for so many people. It’s a safe haven for big emotions. So in 2021 when we could be together again, all the joy, the pain, and deepest gratitude for music came pouring out of our hearts song after song,” says lead singer Karen O.

“For a lot of the songs on this record, we’re giving voice to the feelings I want to hear reflected back to me in music. It’s confrontational, and it’s emotional, and it’s addressing things that nobody wants to look at. As an artist, there’s a responsibility to do that. I know when I feel that reflected back to me, I’m so grateful, because it makes me feel less crazy and less alone in the world. That’s where music reigns. This record was a chance for us to use that superpower. This record feels like it has a different kind of urgency,” she adds.

Cool it Down is out now and is in many ways our love letter to you who have been waiting hanging in there and to you who have just found us Yes! We are so happy to be back! Yes! This baby is OUT! Wait! They don’t love you like we do.”