Nau Leone Releases “Nº1 Cambio”

Triple threat producer, composer, and DJ Nau Leone releases his latest single, “Nº1 Cambio”, accompanied by an official music video, which was written and directed by Bárbara Fdez and Leilah Pérez, starring TikTok influencer Sergio Pérez (542,5k followers) and actress Sara Vela (64,5K followers). The single is taken from his upcoming album Cambio, scheduled for release in early 2023 via Nau Leone’s own imprint Be Your Own Studio Label. Nau has previously composed a piano record for Nils Frahm’s Piano Day 2021.

“The music comes and goes. The music accompanies. But it is in the moments when we feel most vulnerable that it penetrates us the deepest. Music moves us. It is who we are. We couldn’t be without music. Change is the centre of our lives. Life is a constant change.”

“We wanted to show the life of a child until his maturity in four minutes. We have been inspired by the daily decisions without apparent importance, but we still don’t know the reason for our final choices. Is it destiny? Is it us? Why do we choose one thing above others? Through the image we have sought to create a dark and invisible world to the eyes of the rest,” says directors Bárbara Fdez and Leilah Pérez about their thinking behind the video.