Carr Shares Her “Spit”

Carr shares her new song “Spit” and accompanying music video, out today via Music Is Fun and DCD2. As unnerving as it is alluring, “Spit” is the first single to be released by NJ-born, LA-based artist Carly McClellan (aka Carr) since being signed to Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Spencer Smith (Panic! At The Disco)’s DCD2 Records. With “Spit”, Carr brashly warns the world she’s going to spit in your mouth, step on your face, and cut off all your fingers and toes. “I wrote this song about the quiet dude that’s really mysterious and fucked in the head,” shares Carr, “That’s always the type of person I’m attracted to because I’m equally as messed up, so I wanted to make one big fucked up love song.” The release of “Spit” comes just ahead of Carr’s recently announced October tour dates with The Wrecks. Upcoming tour dates below.

“I pictured the movie Saw or some kind of challenge when listening to ‘Spit’,” shares Carr. “So I wanted the music video to be Saw meets Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I feel like those two movies make up my whole personality.” Video Director Alex Edep of DUMBDAYS! further explains the concept behind the video. “When Carly first told me that her vision for the video was the lovechild of Scott Pilgrim and Saw, I knew immediately it would be an absolutely wild and energetic video. We wanted a dynamic visual that told a story of a toxic relationship while also matching the addictive nature of the song – and I believe we did exactly that. I hope everyone has as much fun watching it as we did creating it.”

Upcoming Tour Dates:
All Dates With The Wrecks

11 – Reno, NV @ Cargo
13 – Las Vegas, NV @ 24 Oxford
15 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep
16 – Boulder, CO @ Fox Theater
18 – Des Moines, IA @ Wolly’s
19 – Madison, WI @ Majestic Theater
21 – Bloomington, IL @ Castle Theater
22 – Palatine, IL @ Dirty Nellie’s
23 – Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s
25 – Cleveland, OH @ HOB Cleveland